The 12 Best Landlords in Manhattan

The 12 Best Landlords in Manhattan: A Brick Underground Guide

The 12 Best Landlords in Manhattan

Bad landlords are in the news on a near-daily basis in New York, and for good reason. News editors seek out conflict to attract audiences—the old saying is that “if it bleeds, it leads”—and landlord-tenant relations have been contentious since feudal times. Indeed, Public Advocate Letitia James just released her annual Landlord Watchlist, highlighting owners with some of the worst repair records in the city. But less well represented in the public eye are landlords who quietly keep their tenants happy, or at least keep up their buildings well. That’s where this list comes in.

To quantify who are the “best” landlords in Manhattan, we looked to public records showing building maintenance issues, which is as close to a dispassionate source as we could identify. Our partners at the website Rentlogic grade buildings based on the occurrence of serious maintenance issues over the past four years. To create this list, we asked them to take it a step further, crunching the numbers for landlords with buildings in Manhattan, then weighting their data to favor those with large portfolios, the idea being that it’s harder to maintain 20 buildings than it is to maintain one. The resulting lists shows the largest landlords with the greatest proportion of Rentlogic A-grade buildings in their portfolios.

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