Brick Underground's 2017 Fall Real Estate Forecast

Brick Underground’s 2017 Fall Real Estate Forecast: L train shutdown deals, Brooklyn bidding wars, and more

Brick Underground's 2017 Fall Real Estate Forecast

The holiday weekend, and the summer, are over, so it’s back to work for most New Yorkers. That means landlords, brokers, and people trying to sell their apartments are getting back in the saddle, and if you’re looking for a place in the near future, it’s time to resume the hunt.

As familiar headlines about a glut of new apartments slashing prices clash with continued price spikes, as rezonings proceed around the city and the 421-a affordable housing tax scheme returns, there’s a lot to parse. Here is a run-through of what buyers, sellers, and renters should keep an eye out for in the coming months.

A month’s free rent, no broker’s fees, and a year’s amenities are being offered as concessions at QLIC, a recently built, 21-story luxury building in Long Island City.

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